American Unemployment During COVID19

According to, American unemployment during COVID19 is high. In fact, it’s higher than at any point during the great recession of 2007 or other recessions in recent memory. “Since March 14, over 49 million Unemployment Insurance initial claims have been filed. Compared with prior economic downturns, this rapid spike in claims amid the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Unemployment Insurance claims for the nation are now much higher than at any point during the Great Recession and the 1990 and 2001 recessions.”

Earlier this month, The Washington Post reported, “While companies have continued to reopen, a large number of Americans are finding their jobs are no longer available. The unemployment rate in June was 11.1 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said, down from a peak of 14.7 percent in April but still far above the 3.5 percent level notched in February.”

Health Technology during COVID

doctor and technology in healthcare during COVDI19247 summed it up in a recent article ‘Heath Care Technology Expected Earnings Winners as COVID-19 Changes the Economy’ that health technology and those technology producers are the one’s to watch in the resulting economy from this COVID19 season. “It turns out that as long as people are living, medical technology improvements are always in demand.”

At Electronic Caregiver Inc., we know the truth of that statement first hand. Before COVID19 encircled the globe, Electronic Caregiver was already producing cutting edge technology for emergency response and remote patient monitoring. However, when healthcare needed a new way to connect to patients who were frightened by in-office visits, they turned to ECG.

Electronic Caregiver’s Premier products provide 24/7 emergency response, customized activity detection, and medication reminders to keep our customers on track. Along with our telehealth service, pocketMD, these systems have been integral in day to day life for customers all across the country.

The Electronic Caregiver Pro Health

For those who require a more in-depth connection, whose physicians benefit from real-time vitals monitoring data to make the best decisions about their patients, the ECG Pro Health system is the answer. With its variety of blue tooth peripherals, this system can be customized to keep watch on those vitals a person’s physician has deemed significant. From temperature to lung capacity, glucose levels, and weight, the Pro Health system monitors and records information for the medial world to be empowered to make the best choice.

Wallpass is an Electronic Caregiver application created to trace potential hot spots for its users. Wallpass is assisting the Red Bull Soccer Teams in Australia to continue their season in a safe and mitigated fashion. And as described in this video, the Protector Initiative helps businesses all across the county reopen safely. We will continue to innovate products that will benefit the ever and quickly changing healthcare landscape.

Telehealth Services experience a sharp increase in demand

HealthCare IT News reports that although there has been a dip in requests since the initial impact of COVID19, Telehealth Services are not going away. Telehealth services are experiencing a sharp increase in demand. Electronic Caregiver has been including pocketMD telehealth services with our systems for years. Our service is proven, well priced, and here to stay. ECG customers love it, it is a selling feature for our systems, and we do it right. The pocketMD telehealth services also provide services for entire families (up to seven members) living in the same household. Who else does that? No one. Read more about pocketMD and the in’s and outs of telehealth in this recent blog.

Why the Electronic Caregiver Pro Health works so well

Dr. Elizabeth Nelson states in this interview with HealthCare IT News, “Vitals are a really necessary thing,” she said. “People don’t know if they’re losing weight, or if their blood pressure is running high if they have no symptoms. … We’re trying to figure out how we get people home cuffs. I think that’ll help facilitate virtual visits more if we can get some accurate information.”

Daily vitals monitoring in real-time is proving to be unbeatable in giving physicians insightful data in making decisions for their patients. This monitoring is one of the driving forces in the innovation of the Electronic Caregiver Pro Health system. This system offers six individual Bluetooth devices for measuring a variety of vitals, including temperature and oxygen levels. Combined with pocketMD telehealth services, the Pro Health provides a closer, more individualized look into a patient’s health.

The patient (or caregiver) becomes more engaged in their own healthcare simply when taking their vitals consistently. Electronic Caregiver is finding this engagement to be a positive impact on outcomes with many of our customers. In this article, read for yourself how our partnership with New Mexico State University is helping them mitigate illness and the spread of COVID19 on their campus.

But, American Unemployment during COVID19 will change, right?

If there’s a guarantee in this strange season we are finding ourselves in, the American unemployment during COVD19 will absolutely change. No one, however, is quite sure if it will change for the better or, the worse. Those who are preparing are suddenly finding themselves connecting with jobs of the ‘future,’ as they are available now. Technology solutions are proven successful in healthcare, caregiving, aging in place, and remote patient monitoring. Regardless of technology and culture changes, what jobs are replaced by robotics, there’s always a place for a salesperson to thrive.

Electronic Caregiver is reaching out to individuals who are ready to shift their compassion, caring, and sales abilities towards a market that is only going to grow.  A network of national entrepreneurs supports and distributes our technology. These partners take our products, combine them with their energy, drive, and enthusiasm to create something amazing! They experience improved health outcomes, improved engagement, and enhanced security, which all of us are looking for.

Is it small potatoes?

red and white potatoes

Anthony Dohrmann, CEO of Electronic Caregiver Inc., loves to recount the story of Jon Ades, a New York City Entrepreneur. Tony recently told his staff, “I’ve always loved the story of Jon Ades, New York City Entrepreneur. During the day, Jon sold $5 potato peelers on the sidewalk. At night he enjoyed his evenings in a posh Park Avenue apartment. Jon was a millionaire. He was featured on The Today Show in 2008, where he said- “Never underestimate a small amount of money.

Jon sold his $5 potato peelers in populated areas like the Greenmarket in Union Square, and he gave the most fun, uplifting, and exciting demonstrations for a straightforward product. He originally learned to sell as a teenager in Manchester, England. Jon sold everything from Christmas trees to children’s books. He ultimately sold potato peelers in New York because they were small and lightweight. If you search his name and watch him pitch, you’ll know why he made so much money and discover how much fun selling can be.”

You can buy a franchise, or let us empower you with your own digital business

Tim Washburn, Chief Clinical Officer of Electronic Caregiver, stated in a recent interview, “Imagine owning your own business, with no money down, that allows you to control your schedule, income, and destiny. Empower yourself on a path of your own choosing, and, while you’re at it, why buy a business when we can give you one? Let us help you create an exciting and fulfilling business with a proven path to success and proven coaching that works. With your commitment and our support, if you maintain just 250 clients, you could make $60,000 or more in a year. This is a real business opportunity – no smoke and mirrors, no false hype, and no tricks – only truth.”

Own a Digital Health Business Today!

We are impacting American Unemployment during COVID19

Digital Health is a highly profitable, high demand, life-altering, people-helping business. Together, our services alter the path of destiny. We extend the functional lifespan. We help people live with more confidence and security. ECG helps in averting tragedies every day. Our systems optimize care, help save people money, and preserve valuable relationships. We do this through more consistent connections with loved ones, care professionals, and response services. Our customers preempt health declines, and we expedite emergency support and treatment when needed. Therefore, Electronic Caregiver provides peace of mind to family members and increases engagement with the fragile and the lonely.


In all ways, we endeavor to see people improve their overall state of wellness, health outcomes, quality of life, and be more successful in managing life with chronic illnesses. Consequently, they live and maintain a higher level of independence as they age. And our opportunities in this ever-increasing market is impacting American unemployment during COVID19, and we will affect it well beyond this season. Health experts across the board agree that remote patient monitoring, virtual caregiving, and telehealth are here to stay.

Helping you help others

10,000 people turn 65 every day. Due to that, this is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. It’s also a golden opportunity. When you do, you will be making a real difference in the lives of many in these uncertain times. Digital Health is the business phenomenon of the decade. And digital health companies will drastically alter the American unemployment rate during COID19 and well beyond. The genie has been let out of the box during this season, and it is a game-changer!

So, where do you start? You probably already know people who would benefit from the technology. You also have a whole network of friends on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, right?  Do already work in healthcare or know someone who does? Leveraging your existing network can be a fantastic way to get your business up and running.

Starting well begins with good resources

electronicElectronic Caregiver Inc. provides coaching, online presence support, and social media advertising. There is also an exclusive online portal to interact with other partners, learn, share, and find community.  Also, Electronic Caregiver provides inventory, processing, and accounting services. We know a great support system is integral to any sales endeavor, and we exceed expectations in every aspect.

“Everyone else’s model is to sell cheaper services and have as little contact with the client as possible. Our model is to be as affordable as possible, to deliver the best equipment, the highest quality of service, backed with local professionals. And to provide as much contact, engagement, and support as possible with the client. There is no comparison,” said Anthony Dohrmann, CEO, Electronic Caregiver, Inc.

Are you ready to own a brand new digital health business?

The more people you help, the more money you make. The more people you communicate with daily, the more of both occur. Together we form the perfect relationship-driven business. Your ship is coming in, overflowing with bounty and resources, and it is a relationship. We are a business of personalized contact and service. Our technology better coordinates and connects people in useful and transformational ways. The key to your success is the number of relationships you care for and develop.

They’re Buying You

In sales, YOU are the most critical asset. No other company offers you, your concern, your expanding knowledge, your receptive ear, your personality, your caring nature, and your willingness to please the customer.

So, you are the ultimate, previous asset they are purchasing. Nobody will out care, outperform, or outwork you when it comes to the best interests of the patient, and those concerned for their care. And nobody outworks ECG when it comes to supporting our digital health entrepreneurs. Together, we will help millions to live life independently, more safely, and better.

Contact us today

In summary, our technology works, and people will use it. You enhance your bottom line while improving the health of your friends, family, and members of your community.

In this uncertain time of American unemployment during COVID19, we offer security while our partners are providing safety. And that’s a great day at work! Want to learn how you can get started today? Reach out to us at 1-833-ECG-LIFE, ext. 5. We look forward to learning more about you and exploring the possibilities together.