Healthcare Transformation

Digital health technology is transforming the way we care for chronic illnesses for our aging and for our child patients. It’s upgrading how we provide support for both our patients and our caregivers. Digital health is dramatically improving treatment adherence, health outcomes, and the continuum of care. And now there’s Addison Care with Intel RealSense Cameras.

With the chronically ill, we’re able to improve treatment adherence using scheduled interactive reminders and processes. These confirm patient accountability and progress. We not only make sure a patient is on track with medications, but we spot the indications of improper dosing and even an adverse drug reaction.

We monitor a multitude of vitals, physical and cognitive responses, motion analytics, and AI-powered sentiment analysis. Through this data, we receive early identification of health decline and anomalies while measuring health stability and improvement. Through seamless connectivity, we can optimize the coordination of care by informing doctors and nurses, and members of the family care circle, of critical information in real-time. Thereby expediting early intervention and delivering powerful insights for more accurate treatment engagements.

Addison Care with Intel RealSense Cameras

Addison with Intel RealSense Camera and med reminders

With the breakthrough new Addison Care system with Intel RealSense Cameras, caregiving takes a quantum leap forward. We’re able to upgrade the doctor’s health file and provide visibility into the patient’s condition. And, during an office exam, the doctor instantly accesses an abundance of insights equal to weeks or months of concentrated, organized observational research.

We’re extending care from the doctor’s four walls to the home powered by technologies and collaboration with Intel. The system has embedded visual sensing by Intel RealSense in an onboard Intel i5 processor. Consequently, Addison is equipped with the ability to observe an unprecedented level of data with clinical-grade accuracy. Addison leverages both CLOUD and computing on the edge. In addition to patient feedback, and physiological data, Addison process comprehensive biomechanical information for gate, balance, and detailed activity performance.

As Intel explained in their most recent article about Addison Care, “The addition of the depth camera allows the system to provide actionable data related to human movement. Since a depth camera is capable of measuring and capturing motion in real-time, it allows  Electronic Caregiver the data to develop cost-effective, functional solutions for evaluating movement. Alternative solutions can require multiple simultaneous devices used synchronously, often with the assistance of an expert human caregiver.

Depth Cameras equal more dimensional information

Using a depth camera literally gives more dimensional information to any collected motion data. This is important in order to derive accurate meaning from it. A 2D camera used similarly would require additional information in order to make effective inferences across all ages and groups. The increased granularity of depth data gives Addison the data necessary to perform real-world assessments with high confidence in the results.”

Addison Care with Intel RealSense Cameras is also designed to modernize healthcare. This includes how we intake, assess, manage, and discharge patients in hospitals, physical therapy facilities, doctors’ practices, and in-home care situations. From chronic care to behavioral health to rehabilitation at home, Addison is transformational. In addition to integrated telehealth, automated in-home exams, and health surveys, Addison also provides 24/7 on-demand emergency response through advanced wearables and voice.

Addison Care Guards Independence

Addison doesn’t just support safer and healthier living, Addison Care helps extend functional independence and improves health outcomes. It provides a spirited and exciting paradigm shift in voice and touch-based interactivity with connected health technologies. For more information concerning Addison Care visit our website or contact Electronic Caregiver Inc. at 833-324-5433.

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