pro health

Console & Wrist Pendant

Pro Health Package - Pro health console, Remote Assistance Button, Glucose Meter, Non-contact thermometer, Wearable wrist pendant, digital scale, pulse oximeter

Additional Devices


Need help keeping track of your glucose levels? We’re here to help. Simple stick and the pro health console will take a reading a record it for you.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure readings are safe and easy with our Bluetooth blood pressure cuff. The health console will measure your reading, and you’ll be on your way.

Pulse Oximetry

Record your oxygen levels and heart rate via our simple and easy to use pulse oximeter. Just slip it on and let the system do the work for you!


A spirometer is a device used to help you keep your lungs healthy after surgery or when you have a lung illness, such as pneumonia. As you sit and breathe into this medical device, it records the amount of air you breathe in and out and the speed of your breath.

Non-Contact Thermometer

Just point and shoot for an instant and accurate body temperature. Your console will save it, and you’ll be able to access it in the Family Care App.

Weight Scale

Measure, record and track your weight with our Bluetooth scale. Just step on an receive your reading in seconds.

Options & Pricing

  • Basic
  • $59.99 monthly
  • requires $25 activation fee
  • Pro Health Console
  • Standard Grey Pendant
  • pocketMD
  • Most Add-On Products $55/ea one-time fee*
  • *select items vary in price

Your Physcian on the Go

PocketMD is a 24/7 service accessible from your handheld device or mobile phone. By pressing a single button, you’re immediately connected to a physician-on-demand facilitator who will verify your identity, record your symptoms, and then contact a physician on your behalf. Within 15 minutes you can have a prescription at your preferred pharmacy.

Your Physcian on the Go

Caregiver connectivity apps are available for family and professional caregivers for immediate use on iPhone or Android mobile devices. You can send a message directly to a client’s system, and caregivers can receive important notifications to help monitor clients and improve quality of care.

Features of Pro Health

  • Console

    Personalized messages can be created by you or your responsible party through the Family Caregiver App and set as reminders. Customized alerts can also be created through our Customer Service team to notify emergency services and responsible parties.

  • Wrist Pendant

    Our wrist pendant comes standard with the pro health system along with pocketMD. Yep! Skip the doctor’s office and head straight to the pharmacy with 24/7 physician-on-demand.

  • Medication Reminders

    The premier is programmed to match each client’s medication schedule and electronically reminds the patient to take medications, follow through on treatment tests (blood pressure or blood sugar), or important recurring appointments. Failure to respond will trigger an EMD operator who will attempt to contact the client directly or notify a responsible party for a wellness check.