Staying Safe with Remote Health Monitoring

Even in the midst of these challenging times, there is still much to be thankful for. Electronic Caregiver clients, access to quality care, and remote health monitoring are definitely high on the list! For those who have chronic health conditions, immediate access to healthcare services is vital. Electronic Caregiver is proud to be able to provide remote patient monitoring to those who live alone, are concerned about keeping a health appointment, or for whom getting to a doctor’s office is not a simple task.

Jeanne Pomeroy, Electronic Caregiver Pro Health User TestimonialRemote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Illnesses

Jeanne Pomeroy, a Pro Health user, knows firsthand how much 24/7 chronic care and remote patient monitoring can provide peace of mind. Pomeroy has a chronic heart condition, high blood pressure and is borderline diabetic. She uses the Pro Health to check her blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry, and blood glucose daily.

Pomeroy’s vital readings get sent to a team at Zia Health Management, LLC, a partner of Electronic Caregiver, as well as her physician at La Familia Primary Care in Raton. Then, if Zia Health gets an abnormal reading, a team member will reach out to her. They verify that the reading is accurate and then facilitate communication between her and her doctor, if necessary.

“They’re very good about responding,” Pomeroy said. “If they see something that they think might need attention, I’ll get a phone call and I really appreciate that. It’s obvious to me that some live person, who knows me or knows my situation, checks on me on a daily basis.”

Peace of Mind with Electronic Caregiver Pro Health

Today, Pomeroy is recovering from having a pacemaker placed in her chest. She says the Pro Health gives her an added peace of mind during the coronavirus pandemic.

“During my post-surgery time right now – my healing process – it’s nice to know someone is checking up on me. And it’s a scary time. We’re all in the midst of a very scary time,” she said.

Immediate Health Help with Premier

Premier user Catherine Seder considers her medical alert pendant to be her lucky charm. In fact, she doesn’t go a day without it. She had her system for two years, and in fact didn’t need to use it—until she experienced three falls in the span of three days.

For seniors like Seder, falls can be dangerous and even deadly. Having a button to press for real-time, human help can make all the difference for someone who has fallen. Even those who are typically steady on their feet and in good health can experience a fall. Normally a physically fit person, Seder says that temporary severe dehydration caused by antibiotics prescribed by her doctor, as well as a lack of exercise, led to her falls.

Direct Connection to Emergency Services

“I fell trying to go to the bathroom and my legs buckled on me, so I said, ‘help’ into the (Premier system’s) mini controller,” she said. The controller works in conjunction with the pendant, which has a Medical Concern Button that connects users with Emergency Medical Dispatch Operators. Because of an immediate connection, the emergency response team members found and helped her quickly. The dispatch operator stayed on the line with her until they came.

“James, who was taking the call, never left the line. I was lying on the floor for 10 minutes. (He waited) to see how things were going and say that (first responders) were on their way. When they arrived, I got to say ‘goodbye’ to him, so it was a real blessing,” she said of her emergency services after falling.

Seder says she is grateful for the quick response time and friendly customer service with the Premier system.

Staying Independent with Electronic CaregiverOlder woman enjoys independent living.

One thing we hear over and over again from users like Jeanne and Catherine is how grateful they are that Electronic Caregiver systems allow them to remain independent and live at home. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the option to remain in place is vital for seniors. Both the Pro Health and Premier systems offer the peace of mind that comes with personalized care, 24/7 emergency response and, for those who use Pro Health, daily vitals monitoring.

These are just a couple of the stories of thanks we receive regularly from those who use Electronic Caregiver’s products and services. We’d love to hear your story—share it with us at