Electronic Caregiver Care Partners

The Why, How and Who of ECG’s Care Partners

When Electronic Caregiver, Inc. began, two things were known as absolute;  there was a huge market need, and no one else in the industry had perfected health and safety monitoring. Intrigued by the challenge and backed by the country’s largest monitoring company, Electronic Caregiver began working. ECG focused on senior services and health industry professionals in 2009. Four employees, now considered the original Electronic Caregiver Care Partners, worked 70-hour workweeks in the CEO’s dining room. Shortly after, 12 employees moved into a downtown officer where they launched the first ECG personal emergency response system. And just like that there were Electronic Caregiver Care Partners: those who were in it to protect others and make a difference.

Today, ECG’s technology is developing at a rapid pace through a 60+ person Innovation team. As a result, ECG has partnered with Amazon as the technology being development becomes enhanced through AWS platforms. ECG also partners with Intel to continue the development of the AI-based virtual caregiver Addison.

So what is a Care Partner?

Electronic Caregiver has representatives all across America. Each of them is helping to expedite an efficient response to emergencies, reducing pain, suffering, and complications. Electronic Caregiver Care Partners keep loved ones active, independent, and in their homes longer and more safely. They help to extend lifespans and improve wellness by supporting care plan adherence.

In other words, Electronic Caregiver Care Partners connect those seeking home health care systems to multiple options. In the PERS industry, ECG products are the most technologically advanced. Care Partners become fully trained in these products to offer the highest quality care and customization for every customer.

Helping customers decide which product is right for them

There are multiple factors to consider in choosing and customizing an Electronic Caregiver product. There are various products to choose from and numerous features available. Although the products are all designed to be extremely user-friendly, Care Partners are experts and know how to best address any given challenge their customers may face.

From those staying active and just desiring a little extra protection in their busy lives, to those who are experiencing chronic illness requiring them to stay put in their environment, ECG systems help ensure safety, health plan adherence, and reaching rehab goals.

ECG offers many options in emergency response systems

The ECCG ProHealth offers a myriad of features, including taking vitals.

The ECG Care Partner network far exceeds the norm in the everyday relationship and concern for customers. Sales and installations are so user-friendly that they can easily take place over the phone or internet.

However, in most cases, Care Partners bring the product right to the home, install it, and explain how to use it. They don’t leave until they know their new friend is entirely comfortable with this life protector.

The Vetting Process

Electronic Caregiver takes ensuring the customers’ safety seriously from the very first interaction. That’s why all of our Care Partners, whether individuals or other businesses, go through a stringent and comprehensive vetting process. Not just anyone can claim to be a  partner with Electronic Caregiver.

Vincent Melendez, Director of Business Development, together with his team, has developed staunch criteria for those interested in becoming Care Partners.

ECG requires potential new Care Partners to take a series of training modules, submit to background checks, and go through interviews. They must be found to be of the highest moral caliber. They must align with the four core Electronic Caregiver values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Compassion.

Recently, Vincent stated in a recent interview that “One hundred percent of our Care Partners have either professionally or personally taken care of an individual.”  He also specified his team is looking for “forward-thinking home care business owners who understand the benefits of employee retention.”

For those Home Care owners who become Care Partners, ECG consistently helps them to access new clients, develop new revenue, improve client retention, and increase referral partners. These partnerships are simply a win-win.

Before Serving ECG Customers

Once an individual or a home care business has become an Electronic Caregiver Care Partner, they find full support in their new venture. From print media to digital marketing, from co-branding to providing local leads, Electronic Caregiver supports its Care Partners in a myriad of ways. One of the most exciting aspects Home Health Care agencies are discovering is the free training Electronic Caregiver offers to come alongside and support the development and goal-reaching of their business’ sales funnel.

Sales Books maling out to ECG Care Partners

Experts in the field of Home Health offer ongoing insight and support to our Care Partners at no expense. It’s just one more way Electronic Caregiver can support the population in need of a little extra assistance. ECG believes if we work together to improve care and options, more and more people will find support to age at home.

Electronic Caregiver Care Partners Impact Caregiving

In summary, Electronic Caregiver has gone to far-reaching lengths to ensure Electronic Care Partners of the highest caliber, filled with compassion and called to make positive impacts upon at-risk populations of America. It is a priority to help as many as possible learn about the best methods of aging in place.

In short, ECG has exceeded the industry standards in developing the highest quality and most advanced technology for its products. Moreover, in spite of the exponential growth of the company, ECG is committed to always place its customers first above all else.

With a ‘start with the customer and work our way backward’ mentality, the biggest thing on the ECG horizon is positively impacting as many people as possible. Consequently, ECG is currently supporting more people to age-in-place longer and more safely than ever before in history. And Electronic Caregiver Care Partners are the catalyst for that impact.